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EWB's annual national conference!

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The xChange Conference

Where EWBers across the country meet, have fun, and have deep discussions about the most pressing issues of the modern day!

For over a decade, the xChange Conference has been the main gathering place used to connect, rally, and align our Chapter community. Connected by shared core values and a passion for social justice, EWBers from coast to coast generate infectious energy when they come together. Through countless karaoke nights, lightsaber battles, and hotel room board game marathons, impactful friendships and ideas have been forged at xChange Conferences over the years.

xChange Conference 2023


xChange 2023 brings together the global EWB community to foster deeper connections to inspire new ideas and collective action for change. This year, we are encouraging delegates to boldly take action to respond to the devastating effects of climate change while also preparing for future impacts. Developing effective climate adaptation strategies is a significant challenge that demands shared priorities, cohesive action, and a global mindset. And our community of young leaders across Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa practice inquiry, ingenuity and collective action toward a safer and resilient future.

The 2023 xChange Conference has concluded.  Thank you to everyone who participated in any of the single-day events!

The single-day events that make up this multi-part series took place on the following dates and locations:

  • University of Waterloo - Saturday, September 23

  • École Polytechnique de Montréal - Samedi, 28 Octobre

  • University of Calgary - Saturday, November 11

  • University of British Columbia - Saturday, November 18

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Previous Conference Themes


Host City:  Remote

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic sowed significant divisions between communities across the globe. xChange 2022: Bridging the Divide aimed to reconnect and reunite EWB's community of systems change leaders to put collaborative, thoughtful solutions back on the table when it comes to solving issues as complex as global poverty and inequality.

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