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Preparing our Chapter leaders for a year of impact!


The EWB Leadership Summit

Bringing together the community leaders throughout our Chapter network!

Our Chapter leaders have a lot on their plate: managing their Chapter, overseeing event planning, and creating lasting partnerships with the community.  The Leadership Summit acts as a starting point for Chapters to hit the ground running in the upcoming academic year, with several workshops and information sessions designed to give community leaders the resources they need to kick-start a year of impact.

The Leadership Summit occurs in late May or early June, with invites being sent to the incoming Presidents of each of our Chapters (or another representative if the President cannot attend) and the members of the Community Distributed Team.  The summit takes place over three days, with one day reserved for Community DT training before the Presidents arrive at the venue.

For Chapter leaders that are unable to attend the in-person Leadership Summit, EWB Canada also hosts a Virtual Leadership Summit that covers similar topics online over the span of a single day.  We encourage every Chapter to take part in the Summit in whatever way works best for them!

The 2023 Leadership Summit took place June 2-4 and was hosted at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Ontario.  The Virtual Leadership Summit took place on July 8th.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Summit either in-person or online!

Do you have any feedback or questions about the Leadership Summit?  Reach out to the Community Team at!

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