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Keeping the EWB Community connected from coast to coast to coast!

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The Community Distributed Team

At EWB, we do mission-driven work that reaches vast corners of Canadian campuses - and beyond. The Community DT keeps us all connected!

The Community Distributed Team (DT) is a national volunteer committee that builds on and enhances the impact made by EWB’s Community. Our growing community network of student chapters, professional chapters and professional individuals are all looking to leverage technological innovation to address urgent and important global challenges, in Canada and beyond.


Supported by EWB Canada’s Community Team staff, the DT works alongside their member portfolio to enhance their impact and engagement. Structured to provide region-specific check-ins and support, the Team’s members meet centrally to align their message and goals before implementing them within the community network.

This year the Community DT will grow to amplify impact within EWB Professional and Academic Chapters, as well as engage with professional engineers and technologists whose interests align with EWB’s mission and goals. Learn more about the structure, roles and responsibilities of the team here. We are actively recruiting DT members for vacant positions - see our current openings below!


We are actively recruiting DT members for the following vacant positions:

  1. Professional DT Rep (EWB Professional Chapters)

  2. Professional DT Rep (EWB Professional Individuals) - act in an advisory role to build an engagement plan for a professional individuals portfolio

  3. Academic Chapter Reps  - whose mandate is to enhance impact within one of the following regions: 

    • Ontario East

    • Atlantic Region

    • Prairies Region

    • Alberta

    • Québec

    • British Columbia

Interested in applying? Fill out our application form here.


2023-2024 Community DT Reps

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Community DT

BC Rep


Community DT

Ontario Central Rep


Community DT

Alberta Rep

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Community DT

Ontario East Rep


Community DT

Prairies Rep


Community DT

Québec Rep

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Community DT

Ontario West Rep


Community DT

Atlantic Rep

Previous Projects

Focusing on EWB Network Impact and Engagement

Chapter Recruitment Initiatives

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What does it mean to effectively promote and generate excitement around systems change? Collaborate with team members and visit EWB campuses to help enhance the impact of local recruitment campaigns!

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