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For over 20 years, EWB Canada and its chapters have been dedicated to addressing urgent global challenges through the lens of engineering and technology for good. Our focus is on engineering an equitable and sustainable future for marginalized communities and the planet, leveraging innovation and collective action. As systems thinkers, we address root causes and drive meaningful impact, advocating for better policies, nurturing global leaders, and fostering purpose-driven initiatives.


Join us in this mission of engineering an equitable and sustainable future for all!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

While at its core, EWB strives to help create a world that is equitable and accessible to all, starting with offering a FREE* membership, we hope you will consider contributing to our network’s continued development.


With a suggested annual contribution of CAD$ 20 for students and CAD$ 40 for professionals, you will be investing right back into this network to help deliver the creation, governance and administration of new membership and leadership resources, while providing access for all community members to regional, national and international programming and opportunities.

* Contributions over the $20 (student) or $40 (professional) dollar membership fee is eligible for a tax deductible receipt for a minimum of $20 donation.

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