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Question The System 2.0 has officially launched!

We’re taking action to support work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to protect the planet and end poverty and inequality across the world, and we’re looking for your voice!

That global roadmap to peace and prosperity by 2030 is in a critical place and it is no surprise that for two years straight, the world has been failing to make real progress.

Last year, Canada ranked 21 out of 165 countries in progress towards the SDGs. This year, we fell to 29, and of all the 17 goals we should be achieving by 2030, we only hit one (take a look at our Dashboard).

Canada is falling behind in a big way and COVID-19 will continue to undo any progress we may have seen so far. The pandemic shows exactly why we need to care about the SDGs now more than ever by not only exposing, but accelerating crises like anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism, gender inequality, and climate change.

There is a lot of urgent work to be done, but we can do it.

Last year, we raised questions on issues like climate change, innovation, and Canadian aid from young Canadians who want to be initiators of real change. Now, we are asking future leaders and groundbreakers across the country to think about new ways to improve Canada's effectiveness to eradicate global poverty and take actions to strengthen our contribution to the SDGs.

We have the power to change the status quo and impact the way Canada aids the world.

These are the actions we’re looking for from you now!

  1. Go to and sign up now to add your voice to the campaign! We want to show Canada that we want and believe in a sustainable and equitable world, and we want Canada to stand by its commitments to get there! Don’t forget to get the rest of your chapter or network to learn and sign up, too.

  2. Can you book a table on campus or host an event? We have ideas, ready-to-print posters and all the tools you need ready to educate Canadians on why this matters and what Question The System is all about! Reach out to learn more about our toolkits.

  3. Share ready-to-post socials over the next few months pointing people to the website and the work we’re doing.

  4. Reach out to learn how we can do more throughout the year to make your community understand why they need to be a part of this bigger movement to make a difference.

  5. Attend our first panels of the campaign on November 8th on Canada’s Role in International Development! Learn more and register here.

Thank you for taking part and adding your voice to our call for change! We know that Canada is full of like-minded people who want to help us build a world of equity, sustainability and prosperity for all, and who better to show them how than our powerful network!

For more information on the campaign and a list of events, reach out to and visit

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